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Meric Interiors ,Interior Designers in Gozo,	        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

42, Triq Taht Putirjal, Ir-Rabat (Gozo), Gozo 

+356 2156 0775 , +356 9947 8562 Eric Mercieca
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Meric Interiors is the brainchild of interior designer Eric Mercieca whose greatest ambition when he was a boy growing up in Gozo was to being one of the best in his field. At Meric Interiors, we break down the design process into manageable steps, helping the client to better understand what to expect. As well as the architecture of the space, we always take our clients’ needs and personality into account. We discuss goals, budget and expectations, and provide multiple floor plan options, furniture and materials selections, as well as colour palettes. When the design is finalised, we also coordinate delivery and installation. Meric Interiors – sometimes great ideas are simpler than you think.

Evolve by RS Group,Interior Designers in Malta,	        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

Triq L-Imdina, Haz-Zebbug, Malta ZBG 9091

+356 2780 5486 , +356 9944 3565 Rudolph Spiteri
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At Evolve by RS Group we offer all finishing solutions to meet everyone’s needs, from home projects to industrial solutions. When it comes to products, we can guarantee the best quality for the material we import, with the best prices on the market. As for installation, we can guarantee to deliver on time, with great after-sales service. We strive to make your dream come true within your stipulated budget.    We import various finishing products, which include:    Gypsum related material BoardeX outside sheathing Light fittings Acoustic solutions Insulation Paint Parquet Decking Raised flooring Carpet tiles Aluminium windows and doors Blinds Industrial clothing   A range of finishing material that can be ordered according to the individual need Our extensive stores in Zebbug are always stocked to full capacity and our sales department offers a wholesale and retail sales supply service to the private sector and other companies. We also have a free delivery service.    With a team of our own installers we ensure an efficient, reliable and professional service where deadlines are always met, delivering the highest quality of standards.   Each project undertaken, which vary from small domestic ones to major commercial ones, are supervised by a Project Manager.   We offer our clientele free estimates on proposed works, design and consultation, and project management. With an in-house team of architects and interior designers, any individual dream can be created.    Some of our past projects include:   SkyParks Malta International Airport AFM hangar Evolution Gaming Centre SkySpirit Various hotels Various villas and apartments

I Design Interiors ,Interior Designers in Malta,	        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

Sapphire Court Dup 4 , Triq Il-Barriera, Hal Balzan, Malta 

+356 9900 9198 Kurt Psaila Montefort
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I-design is a design concept office with over 15 years experience that caters for commercial and residential properties. We take pride in our work and we love what we do, this is what makes us a great team.   In order to achieve maximum functionality we really listen to our client’s needs and make them feel as comfortable as possible and explain the process in detail, step by step. We always make it a point to complete the project on time but not lowering the standards.   When designing a property we try to highlight the best possible characteristics. Apart from originality we stride to find a perfect balance for basic necessities and functionality.   We also offer project management at very good rates.   Prices: Prices vary according to complexity and size.   Packages: Several packages are available, listed below are prices that vary according to complexity and size. Several packages are available, listed below: a) Working drawings, electrical and plumbing plans, furniture layouts, kitchen elevation layouts, soffit plans, circuit plan, bathroom layouts and more. Payment is normally 50% on engagement and 50% on delivery of all detailed drawings. b) As mentioned in ‘A’, including colour scheme, soft furnishings. Payment is normally 50% on engagement, 25% on delivery of all detail drawings and 25% on completion of project. c) As mentioned in ‘A’ and ‘B’, with the inclusion of 3D rendered drawings. Payment as ‘B’. d) Full package will include all of the above plus a project management during the entire project, which will include a daily site visit and all necessary meetings with contractors.   For prices it’s best to call us for a free site meeting and we will discuss the procedure and payment terms. We treat every property differently.

Galea&Galea Architects,Interior Designers in Malta,		        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

Ir-Rabat, Malta 

+356 9945 3100

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With a focus on small to medium scale progressive residential, retail, commercial and urban intervention projects, the practise specializes in environmentally sustainable building adaptations in sensitive contexts. Set up in June 1999, Galea&Galea Architects offer a complete range of services, from architectural and interior design to structural services, project management and design consultancy for larger projects. The human element of the team is managed by Anthony Galea and Monica Audrey Galea, senior lecturer in Design and Interior Architecture at the University of Malta. The philosophy of the studio revolves around a strong conceptual interpretation of function and aesthetics that primarily binds the context to the users in a contemporary yet timeless manner: each project is seen as a unique opportunity to enrich its immediate context, and is the result of a profound analysis of the needs and constraints, the expression of a concept that strives to remain visible right down to the smallest detail.

IDP Malta,Interior Designers in 		        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

29, Triq It-Torri, Il-Mosta,

+356 7969 6666 Martin Briffa

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 IDP Malta is the sole agent in Malta & Italy for Teknik is Tente who supply 67% of the International market and are one of the world’s leading pergola manufactures. Our mission is to give 100% customer satisfaction and an excellent after sales service. IDP Malta have researched extensively and offer Malta & Italy the highest quality products with the best prices on the market when comparing a like with like product. Our fast growing success is also due to recommendations and good quality workmanship and fast installations with minimal interruptions. IDP Malta are proud to announce that we were entrusted by City Lounge to supply and install a unique and high engineered designed pergola in the heart of Valletta opposite the President’s Palace. IDP was also entrusted with the biggest pergola system in Malta measuring 40m x 20m for a sports stadium. This huge success is making IDP Malta a leading company in the pergola market.

House of Design by Andrew Azzopardi ,Interior Designers in Malta,		        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

House of Design by Andrew Azzopardi, Vjal Il-Wiehed U Ghoxrin Ta' Settembru, In-Naxxar, Malta 

+356 9949 0500 Andrew Azzopardi

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House of Design was established in 1997.   Interior Design is a social activity that brings people together, allowing them to communicate ideas more effectively and share interests in a creative way. An interior designer has the rewarding task of making a meaningful impact upon the quality of individuals’ lives, by turning his customers’ dreams into reality. During the initial stages, when one is planning their property, and consulting a designer, gathering one’s ideas and aspirations is essential, since a designer’s job is to understand these ideas concisely, and then interpret them by giving the clients what they want, in an artistic way.   Quality service towards our clients, is highly important to us, thus well-planned designs that provide an improved and effective environment to fit their needs, practicality, and with the necessary lighting and space are given and discussed in appointments at our House of Design. Every single design is drawn up by Andrew Azzopardi himself, and his personal involvement from the needs and assessments, all the way through to installation and finishing is given throughout.   "As a final tip to all our prospective clients, is to always remember that it’s not just doing up a house, but creating a beautiful and loving home." - Andrew Azzopardi  

Greta Design,Interior Designers in Malta,		        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

3, Triq Massimiliano Debono, Hal Lija, Malta LJA 1932

+356 9947 5555 Greta Apap Bologna

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Greta Apap Bologna, nee Trapani Galea Feriol was born and brought up in one of the most beautiful homes in Malta, Palazzo D'Aurel, Gudja, the ancestral home of the Barons of San Marciano. She comes from a family where art and the appreciation of art has been a family tradition. She took Art at school from the age of four, and won an important competition when she was fourteen years old.   After school she attended a three-year design course at L'Istituto per l'Arte e il Restauro, at Palazzo Spinelli, Florence. There she worked on projects both theoretical and practical, mostly in the field of domestic residences, but also some commercial work, such as designing stands for various exhibitions. She graduated with a Diploma in Interior Design.   On her return to Malta, she was recruited by a leading avant-garde architect to run the interior design department of his practice. The work was dynamic and inspirational and Greta stayed for seven years, as both the practice and her department grew. Having gained so much good experience, and encouraged by her husband Paul and a dear friend, she decided to branch out on her own in 2004.   Initially working from home, with one part-time assistant, she began to receive commissions in both residential and commercial projects. Over the last eight years her practice has flourished, and she now has two full-time assistants, as well as casual staff. She is involved in designing several large apartments in the Tigne Point development, Town Square, Portomaso, and elsewhere, and continually strives to create new and exciting ideas in beautiful harmony of colour, comfort and space. One of her most satisfying projects was redesigning an entire floor of a hotel in the course of an upgrading programme. She is also a consultant to the Pender Gardens developers.

Ellul and Ellul,Interior Designers in Malta,		        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

42, Triq Il-Kungress Ewkaristiku, Il-Mosta, Malta 

+356 7942 9442 , +356 9942 1111 Andrew Ellul
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 We are a small firm offering comprehensive services in architecture, interior design and structures. While devoted to a variety of  projects, we also cater for both residential  commercial and marine construction. Our portfolio includes: All types of Residential Development Marine Structures Quays Educational Facilities Correctional Facilities Warehousing Agricultural Buildings Timber / Glulam Structures We also issue EPC Dwelling and Non Dwelling Certificates.

Ta' Dernis Properties,Interior Designers in Malta,		        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

128, Triq San Bartolomew, Hal Qormi, Malta 

+356 2144 2828 , +356 9986 0983 , +356 9942 3353 Thomas Mifsud

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We understand that it is a challenge for anyone to own their own home. When we build properties we keep this in mind and do our best to build properties that are modern and a joy to live in whilst not charging more than people are willing to pay. This is the secret that helps Ta Dernis thrive where others are failing.

Farrugia Group,Interior Designers in Malta,		        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

61, Triq Santa Liberata, Il-Kalkara, Malta 

+356 9940 8444 , +356 9947 4736
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Farrugia Group specialises in furniture and interior design for any residential, commercial or industrial space. We can supply bespoke and exclusive designs to transform your space, from the warmth of parquet flooring, door solutions, seating furniture that complements its surrounding environment and other furniture and fittings. With our extensive experience and wide range of unique interior projects, we are well-suited to work collaboratively with architects and interior designers to realise ambitious design concepts in a variety of materials.   From the initial design phase through to the installation of furniture, we provide truly bespoke rooms and furniture for your space. Our process begins with a site survey or visit and consultation to understand your requirements. A variety of modern interior design methods including some sketches, 3D visuals and animation will help develop and refine your project and assist your final  decision making. We then match your design requirements with the individual pieces of furniture and fittings to match your ideal space requirements.

DP Designs - Diane Pillow,Interior Designers in Malta,	        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

DP Designs, Triq Il-Kummerc, Hal Qormi, Malta QRM 3000

+356 7970 7031 Diane Pillow
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DP designs was founded on the principle that successful design is not just about making something beautiful – it’s about helping clients build an experience they love, and never want to leave. It’s about mixing new and old, extravagance and simplicity, the crazy fun and seriously sentimental. It’s about opposing the typical and falling for the unconventional.   DP designs provides a personalised and complete interior design service offering guidance through the entire design, building, finishing and furnishing process. From the initial consultation to the final installation, dp designs utilises an extensive network of resources to meet any budget, time frame, and design sensibility.   Diane aims to deliver spectacular interiors along with meeting the necessary functional requirements of the design. She achieves this through careful research of her clients’ lifestyles and needs. Her understanding of the importance of prompt attention to detail, her organisational skills and her dedication to her job ensures her utmost professionalism at all times. She engages her clients in the process, encouraging their participation in meeting the design goals.

Arc Studio Ltd,Interior Designers in Malta,		        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

FAFNER HOUSE ,Level 3 , Suite 7 ,Triq in-Nazzjonali, Blata l-Bajda, Il-Hamrun, Malta HMR 9011

+356 2122 8257

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ARCstudio Ltd was set up primarily as an architectural restoration consultancy firm. From conception it put the importance of Cultural Heritage and the preservation of cultural identities at its heart. Malta, being strategically located in the Mediterranean Sea at the crossroads of cultures and civilisations is endowed with a substantial number of cultural and heritage sites. Despite, that in the past their importance was underestimated or neglected due to other priorities, the current situation has changed drastically. Malta’s EU accession has opened up new funding opportunities, and with the government’s 2018 vision to establish Malta as a centre of excellence including in the tourism sector, the need to restore and conserve the cultural and historical heritage of Malta has finally gained its rightful significance. Nowadays ARCstudio gives importance to several other fields of the built environment. Architecture and Urban design, Environmental design and engineering, Interior design, Project management and MEPA consultancy have become merged with ARCstudio’s raison d'être – restoration and conservation. Hence ARCstudio provides its clients with a one-stop shop service to bring their dreams and ideas into reality with the least financial burdens.

Sandy Bonnici Interiors,Interior Designers in Malta,	        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

Uppercrust Suites, Flat B6, Triq Il-Keffa, Is-Swieqi, Malta SWQ2256

+356 7959 4722 Sandy Bonnici
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Sandy Bonnici Design was conceived with the aim of providing interior design expertise, tailor made to suit each client's specific needs and personality.   Having obtained her First Class Degree in BA.Hons Interior Architecture & Design at the University for the Creative Arts in Surrey, UK, Sandy returned to Malta and has already completed a number of freelance projects both locally and overseas.   The Sandy Bonnici Interior Architecture & Design practice prides itself on the versatility of its approach and diversity of its projects, from bringing a timeless restoration back to life to injecting some heartfelt soul and warmth to a modern development. Sandy’s signature style is that of combining modern comfort and sleek lines with a touch of uniquely classical influences.   As a creative designer Sandy believes in thinking outside the box, generating new ideas, designing with no fear and most importantly no pretense. Our ultimate aim is to be challenged by rewarding projects that require innovation, dedication and charisma.   Every project undertaken, be it a residential home or a commercial premises is treated with the same meticulous attention to detail. The goal is simple - that of creating a distinctively unique space, finished to the highest possible standards. A space that you are proud to call home. An office that brings a smile to your face every morning.   Functionality without compromise - this is what we strive to achieve. Communication with the client throughout projects is always given the utmost importance. The aim is to create a bespoke design, providing a service that is tailored, experienced and thorough. The foundation of each and every project being that - a design must suit its client's lifestyle.   Design Services: Residential & commercial Interior design  Technical drawings Lighting, electrical ,soffit Plans. Customised furniture design Project management & contracting Services   To schedule an appointment kindly call on  +356 79594722 or you can send an email on   Follow us on Facebook  & Instagram.

Project 25 Interior Design Studio,Interior Designers in Malta,		        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

Project 25 Interior Design Studio aims to provide clients with a fresh and tailor-made interior design.

David Caruana Interior Design Studio,Interior Designers in Malta,	        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

D.Design, Studio 33, Triq Pierre Muscat, Ir-Rabat, Malta RBT 1844

+356 9985 4234 David Caruana
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We provide a full range of interior design services, starting from conceptual planning, architectural layouts, furniture layouts, electrical plans, colour schemes, product design, graphic design / logos, 3D presentations, Project management, landscaping and final detailing / working drawings. Our projects vary from: Retail design for any type of shops and showrooms, catering outlets, offices and apartment blocks; Domestic interiors for converted spaces, villas, apartments and even single rooms; Product / graphic design  for furniture items, label design, logos, posters and 3D presentations for interiors and exteriors; Landscaping for pool areas, yards, roof gardens and water features.  

Leonard Zammit BE&A(Hons), A&CE,Interior Designers in 		        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

St Joseph, Triq Santu Formosa, Iz-Zurrieq,

+356 7943 8877 Leonard Zammit

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ACT_N architects & civil engineers,Interior Designers in Malta,		        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

Act_n Studio, Triq Ganu, Birkirkara, Malta BKR 1105

+356 9929 2993 Charles Azzopardi

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For more information about the products or services we offer, please use any of the contact details listed.

EM Architects,Interior Designers in Malta,		        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

119, Triq Tas-Sliema, Il-Gzira, Malta 

+356 2123 7401 Dr. Edwin Mintoff

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The firm was founded over thirty years ago by Dr. Edwin Mintoff, an architect and civil engineer who became one of the first Maltese architects to obtain a doctorate Ph.D. in the field of architecture and urban design. The firm now offers a wide range of services including land use and environmental planning, urban design, architectural and interior design, civil, road and structural engineering, land and quantity surveying as well as cost consultancy, both in Malta and well as overseas. The Architectural and Civil Engineering company founded by Edwin Mintoff specialising in architecture, engineering and interior design. The firm's design philosophy is heavily based on producing a seamless design which incorporates the principles of urban architecture.

AGF Turnkey Contractors,Interior Designers in Malta,	        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

Galine, Josmar Complex, Triq Id-Difiza Civili, Il-Mosta, Malta 

+356 2141 7115 , +356 9945 0232 Jevon Gatt

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From shell to finish, any job is delivered on time, every time. We offer services including; Plumbing and electrical works, Gypsum soffits and coving, plastering and painting, tile laying, marble laying and flooring, aluminum works, fire and acoustic insulation, alarm systems, and structural alterations and project management. Designer plans and consultancy is free of charge on every project, Call now for a free quotation.

Davina Preca BA(Hons), IA&D(Nottingham UK),Interior Designers in Malta,		        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

Davina Preca BA(Hons), IA&D(Nottingham UK)

Davina Preca BA(Hons), IA&D(Nottingham UK)

No 6, Triq Il-Gnien, Hal Gharghur, Malta GHR 1531

+356 9986 6031

Lime Interior Architecture & design was set up in 2003. Specialising in hospitality, retail, leisure, residential and landscape design. 

Lucinda's Designs,Interior Designers in Malta,		        						     interior designers institute, interior architecture, interior design, interior,

Lucinda's Designs


Lucinda's Designs

Pembroke, Malta 

+356 9923 1662

Our goal is to make beautiful, high quality designer fabric cushions and accessories available to everyone at affordable prices.   At Lucinda's Designs, all of our creations are made by us on semi-industrial machines in our workshop.  We ensure that each item meets the standards we and you would expect from a quality product.   Please enjoy a browse through our shop and if you need any help just drop us a line . ​

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