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Pet Shops in Malta & Gozo

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Triq Il-Parilja, Santa Venera, Malta HMR 16

+356 2147 0291 Marco Garraffa
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5, Misrah Lewza, San Gwann, Malta SGN 2052

+356 7921 1791 David Attard
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The King’s Exotics was opened in 2010 by David Attard with the sole purpose of educating people about exotic pets as a satisfying hobby. The shop is divided into two main sections:   The fish section, which includes ornaments and aquariums with various different fish including marine and fresh water fish, and products for fish keeping such as Tetra, Nyos Reef, Eheim, New Life Spectrum, Fauna Marine and others.   There is also the reptile section, which includes products for reptile keeping such as ZooMed, VetArk, Microclimate and Repashy, and various exotic animals that include arachnids, amphibians and a wide range of reptiles.     The King's Exotics mission is to promote exotic hobby, and encourage people to start keeping and breeding exotic species.   Follow Us on Facebook!

92, Triq Santa Rita, Ir-Rabat, Malta 

+356 2722 0150 , +356 7970 2399 Lawrenence Lanzon

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At the shop you can find most of the premium brands for your pet, including Royal Canin, Cibau, Cimiow, Science Plan, Friskees, Pro Plan, ETC and others like Whiskas, Butchers, Applaws, Belcando and many more. We also have a special offer on tins of 400gr - Buy 5 for €2.00!   We stock pet food for all kinds of birds, fish, hamsters, dwarf rabbits, ferrets, parrots, etc. We can guarantee good discounted prices on all premium brands. At Arka Petshop we also stock a wide range of pets, such as parrots, Lutinho Rosellas, Love Birds, Budgies, Zebra birds, Canaries, Jaffa sparrows and many more types of birds, as well as dwarf rabbits.   Arka Petshop is your one stop shop to find anything you need for your pet - and if we don’t have it we try to get them for you same day or the next! We offer free delivery on all orders that exceed €30, so you are only a phone call away.   Last but certainly not least, the management would like to thank all our esteemed clients.   Summer Opening Hours (1st July to 30th August) - Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 12:30, 16:00 – 19:00 - Saturday: 08:00 – 13:00   Winter Opening Hours (1st September to 30th June) - Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 19:00 - Saturday: 08:00 – 15:30

Triq L-Ghorghar, Il-Mellieha, Malta 

+356 2152 2717 , +356 7982 4046 Lorraine Vella
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Paws ‘n’ Claws is situated in the centre of the Mellieha bypass, by the old quarry. We stock a wide range of products of all kinds for dogs, cats, fish, rodents and birds.   Our selection of pet food includes: Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Science Plan, Iams, Pedigree, Pro Plan, Friskies, Whiskas, Applaws, Prince, Princess, Trixie, Gourmet, Cibau, Cimeow, Versele-Laga, and many more.   We specialize in tropical and cold-water fish, including fresh water turtles. We also stock a wide range of bedding, pet toys and shampoos, as well as offer grooming and veterinary services. Free delivery is available to Mellieha.

Misrah Is-Sebgha Ta' Gunju 1919, Il-Hamrun, Malta 

+356 7973 0727 John Mifsud

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At Foglia Verde we offer expert advice for your pet breeding. We also can offer the service of boarding your pet while you are abroad or for any other reason.   We cater for your pet’s every need, including a wide selection of pet food, pet grooming products and a selection of cages.   Foglia Verde is the sole agent for the world-known German brand Nobby. It specialises in all you can imagine - including pet accessories, starting from the top-of-the-range aquarium decorations and accessories, latest quality leashes and collars, premium pet bowls, colorful pet toys, a wide selection of pet treats with no extra additives, cat scratchers and a large variety of personal luxury beds. You name it, we have it.   The proprietor of Foglia Verde is an Ornithological Mondial Judge (OMJ) and avian vet.

Triq Toni Camilleri, San Pawl Il-Bahar, Burmarrad, Malta SPB 9063

+356 2158 3755 Vinny Vella
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We do stock a variety of essentials from beds and toys to collars, leads, treats and training aids. We also stock a wide range of pet food, including Royal Canin, Science Plan, Happy Dog & Happy Cat, Pro Plan, Whiskas, Pedigree and much more! Our staff is well trained and always available to help you choose which is the most suitable product for your pet needs. If you are looking for a special bed for your dog or a brand new fashionable scratching post for your cat we are pretty sure we have what you are looking for We have recently started to stock AquaOne and New Era products for all fish lovers. We have all your pet needs – Pet food, pet accessories, fresh water fish, pet care products, grooming & vet services. For more information visit our Facebook page

Borg Cardona Pet Supplies, Triq It-Tabib J. Zammit, Hal Balzan, Malta 

+356 2144 2698 , +356 2148 4428 , +356 2144 1516
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With over 70 years of experience Borg Cardona & Co Ltd are leading experts in pets and farm animals in general. Together with knowledge and expertise Borg Cardona & Co. Ltd are currently representing over 40 brands directly related to pet and farm animal nutrition, medicines, utilities, hygiene, safety, comfort and other supplies; some of which are top quality products commonly used in the market such as Royal Canin, Merial, Camon, Pet Safe, Busy Buddy, Nettex, Candioli, Cede, Veronesi, and Travipharma.   Pet owners today have become conscious about their responsibility towards their pets. Over the years we have catered for this, and have trained our staff to be conversant with all our client’s needs and to offer any advice possible, both for pets and large animals. We also offer the services of a Vet Pharmacy and a Dog and Cat nutritionist.  To find out more about our products and services please find us Facebook.

Triq L-Imgarr, Ix-Xewkija (Gozo), Gozo 

+356 2156 3805 , +356 9986 4255 John Xuereb

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Tropical Forest is the place to go for all your pet and plant needs.   We provide plant accessories (pots, plant food and so on) and everything you need for pets (domestic, exotic, rodents, birds, parrots), as well as plants (including herbs), fresh flowers for occasions such as Mother's Day, Valentine’s Day and Fathers Day, pet food and accessories (we have a large selection of pet food), all sorts of tropical fish, indoor and outdoor plants, garden accessories, landscaping / garden maintenance and aquariums / aquarium accessories (including custom built aquariums).   So, if you have pets or plants, and you want to give them the best, come to us at Tropical Forest!

11/12, Triq L-Imdina, Haz-Zebbug, Malta ZBG 9019

+356 2789 0035

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Located in central Malta, Pet Studio aims at being your one stop shop for all your pet’s needs. Specialising in ranges of high quality pet accessories, aquariums and garden products, Pet Studio strives to satisfy customers’ needs and exceed expectations. Products available in store include, but are not limited to fashionable pet clothes, engraved ID tags, grooming and hygiene products, treats and snacks, feeding accessories, interactive toys and games, bedding and cushions, door flaps, barriers and gates, collars, harnesses and leashes, transport carriers, cat scratchers and tunnels, high-tech pet products, training and educational ranges, cages in different colours and sizes, terrariums, aquariums and decorations, and colourful and modern garden accessories. A visit at Pet Studio is an experience that the whole family can enjoy. Bring your pets to the store, and they will be given the VIP treatment while you shop!

109, Triq Misrah Il-Barrieri, Santa Venera, Malta SVR 1752

+356 2144 3900 , +356 2144 3900 , +356 9946 9596 Sandro Bonett

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For more information about the products or services we offer, please use any of the contact details listed.

The Petshop, Triq Id-Difiza Civili, Il-Mosta, Malta 

Clayton Bonello

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The Pet Shop is a family run business in the vibrant city of Mosta, where the wellness of your beloved pet is what matters the most to us. At The Pet Shop, we understand that every pet requirement is different and unique. With this in mind, we created a space were our customers can benefit from an extensive selection of products and services, aimed to boost the happiness and well being of their pets. Our friendly staff are very eager to help you,and are excited to share their ideas and knowledge with you on how to improve the well being of your pet and improve their quality of life.   Visit Us At Triq id-Difiża Ċivili or call us On 2720 0245.

Triq Il-Kullegg, Ir-Rabat, Malta 

+356 2145 9172 , +356 9946 6857 Mario Galea

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Il-Merill Pet and Garden Centre is a shop situated in Rabat that stocks a large variety of pet food and all items which one might need to take care of their pet, like shampoos, toys, cages, and much more. We also stock products for gardening enthusiasts, such as pots, tools, fertilizers and more. Live plants and fresh flower are also available. We also sell a variety of parrots and birds.

Karamellu Pet & Garden, 89,, Triq Il-Kostituzzjoni, Il-Mosta, Malta MST9056

+356 2143 3865 Godwin Vella

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Karamellu Pet & Garden started operating as a pet shop in October 1991.   In 1993 we imported our first consignment of Tropical Freshwater and Marine Fish . Since then, importing fish, pets, reptiles and pets accessories has become one of our main objectives. We import from various European countries – Italy, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Belgium, Holland and also from other countries such as Singapore and the United States.     We are proud to be the representatives of some of the most renowned companies of pet accessories in Europe. Ferplast pet products, Zulux products, Voltrega, Tropical Marine, and Tatrapet, have become house names in pet shops throughout the island and also with animal lovers.   Find us on Facebook .

'Royal Pet Store', 115, Triq Il-Qasam, Is-Swieqi, Malta SWQ 3027

+356 2142 1919 , +356 9926 7172 Luke Borg
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Royal Pet Store is the perfect place to find top quality pet food and accessories brands for cats, dogs, birds, rodents and even aquarium fish. We do our best to have all your pet may need available for you under one roof. It’s not only food that we specialize in, but you will even find a large selection of treats, cushions, toys, kennels, scratch poles, blankets, door flaps, transport cages, crates, shampoos, wipes, grooming and aquarium related products, and much more.   We even have our own grooming services, which include: nail clipping, ear cleaning, trimming, styling, bathing and de-shedding.   Seasonally we stock up on fireplace wood, starters and barbecue related products.   Feel free to contact us for any further information or details, or join us on Facebook to keep updated with offers and stock.

Wied Hal Balzan, Hal Balzan, Malta 

+356 2149 5360

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For more information about the products or services we offer, please use any of the contact details listed.

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