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Get your Blockchain and Crypto business in Malta noticed

By: Findit Ltd

30 October, 2018

Malta is becoming the centre for the Crypto and Blockchain sphere.


This is the next huge market for Malta, one that will bring an influx of work for the a large section of Maltese service providers and more.  


In the past months we have seen a good number of leading Blockchain and Crypto companies relocating to Malta, and this shows a great belief in the Maltese model.  With the regularisation of ICOs/STOs and other blockchain and crypto in Malta, we will see more and more established organisations from the sphere moving to Malta, which will create a Gaming like ripple effect on the Islands.  Maltese companies are also becoming aware of the great benefits that come with blockchain tecnhnology.


Findit is creating a section created to blockchain and crypto service providers.  This is creating a single resource were anyone looking for service providers will be able to find the leading local names, be it legal, finance, blockchain development or more.


However this will also have a ripple effect on everything else.  The users looking for these services will also need other services such as real estate, office furniture, restaurants and anything Malta offers.


We are ready for the blockchain revolution.  Don't miss out.  Join today.

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